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Angels Catering and Events Ltd Executive Summary

Angels Catering and Events Ltd is a catering company in UK which specialise in African cuisine most especially Nigerian cuisine. As a business, the company caters for events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events, funerals that require catering and other social events such as music festivals, school fundraising, religious ceremonies, etc.

As a reliable catering company, Angels Catering and Events Ltd are renowned for its ability to meeting customers’ expectations whilst ensuring that food quality and hygiene standards were adhered to.

The Company

Angels Catering and Events Ltd was established as a Limited Liability Company. The company which, was registered with Bexley Council is 5-Star rated and in accordance with the indemnity requirement within the catering industry, the company has a Liability Insurance to the tune of £5Million and an employer’s Liability Insurance to the tune of £10Million. The company is renowned for its strict compliance to Food Safety and Hygiene Standards in addition to providing excellent customer services.
The ability to providing our services along the length and breadth of the country meant that we are not restricted either by distance or location.


Our team of dedicated chefs are very creative with unwavering passion for cooking authentic African cuisine. The technical skills and cooking techniques demonstrated on a day-day basis in our kitchen is a testament to the cooking abilities of our chefs

Unique Selling Points

To explain why our customers loves our food and services, in our recent polls these are some of the reasons given.

  • The prices of our foods and services were very competitive.
  • The food tasted very fresh and authentic
  • The manager was very trustworthy and helpful
  • The staffs were smartly dressed and very cautious
  • The food presentation was excellent
  • Catering staff arrived at the event on time.
  • The venue was sparkling clean after the event.
  • There was more than enough food for the event.
  • The food tasted very delicious
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