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Delicious Selections

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Angels Catering, is just another restaurant to dine-out but apart from dining, we are providing our guest with services like Wedding parties, Birthday parties, Office parties, Group bookings, Hen and stag parties and Kids parties. So, if you are planning for any such event in near future Angels Catering should be your go to destination.

Event Catering

Wedding Catering

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Delicious Selections

Our Menu

Snacks & mean Dishes

Angel Signature Platter (puff-puff,
Meat/chicken Pies and Sausage Rolls)
Angel Signature Tozzo Suya


Jollof Rice
Fried Rice
Coconut Rice
Tray Of Dodo Gizzard
Plain White Rice & Ayamase
Plain White Rice & Ladenwa Stew
Moi Moi
Ewaagoyin – Togoiese Beans
Beans Cake-moin Moin Leaves / plastic
Yam Porridge (asaro Elede)


Efo-riro Assorted
Efo-egusi Assorted
Seafood Okra
Assorted Goat Meat Stew
Assorted (agamewo Goat Meat Stew)
Abula (ewedu,, Gbegiri and Assorted
Meat Stew)


Stewed Assorted Meat – Beed, Shaki
And Cow Leg
Stewed Hack Fish
Fried/smoked Stewed Turky
Grilled Tilapia
Stewed Chicken

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